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Boukens pets by Bouken-Wolf Boukens pets by Bouken-Wolf

Name: Gureikon
Meaning: Gray soul
How-to-say: Gur - E - Kon
About: Gureikon or Gurei as he is also known is a black cat, with twins horns on the top of his hard and small black bat-like wings which are just big enough to carry him around. He wares a long scarf, red and white striped and a black spiked band on his tail. He has a moon pendant also hung around his neck, but it cant be seen at most times. He is calm and quite and often finds nothing to be amusing. Almost seeming emotionless. He is loyal and rarely found away from me. He enjoys seeing things with color as he is so very lacking. His favorite thing in the world is a rainbow, but with their rarity he is often gloomy.

Name: Kigi
Meaning: Fear
How-to-say: Ki - Gee
About: Kigi is a sweet little Panda. Created from an over obsession. He wares a skull print bandana, which has a gold ring with another skull hanging from the tip, always tied in a double knot around his neck. He has a band-aid on his head, but im not really sure how he hurt himself, or how long he plans to ware it, its been there for like months now xD He is fairly happy, but can also be moody. He can be happy-go-lucky one minute and then suddenly flip and want to be a loner. He loves to collect shiney things he finds on the ground and keep them in a small green bag which he carries around his neck, but he'll never let anyone touch it...other then me of course.

Name: Kenshiki
Meaning: Pride
How-to-say: Ken - She - Kee
About: He is a spirit dragon, he is furry not scaley. He is a pale gray and has deep gray hair which runs from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. He wares a bunch of different types of collars and bands. He has one which he wares on his head to keep his hair out of his face while flying, he wares a collar around his neck which has a broken chain hanging off of it. He has a bunch of black bands on his left paw and yellowish wrap on his right paw. He is a very timid and clam, easy going dragon. He loves laying around in tall grass and watch butterflys flutter above flowers. He loves the moon, and could stare at it for hours on end. He flys around with his large feathered wings and also moves with a very flexible skeleton
Bouken-Wolf Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2007
*nod nod* i know, i named them myself ^3^
go-green Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2007
they have awesome names, yesyes
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August 7, 2007
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